Ali Bifolding Doors

Our  superb range of aluminium bifolding doors allow you to seamlessly merge your home or conservatory with your garden bringing the outside inside


Our bifold doors are manufactured from slim thermally broken aluminium profiles which provide strength and security, allowing you to fold and slide the panels back to left or right and open up an unobstructed wide opening to a patio or garden.

Our range of aluminium bifold doors are fully compliant with Doc L of the Building Regulations.

Folding doors for internal use can be specified with a low threshold or a flush track so the two floor levels remain constant. Our Visofold aluminium folding door has a 30mm low threshold which can be sunk into the floor.

Traffic Door Option
Many styles can be specified with a traffic door which provide a normal day-to-day door leaf, allowing easy access to the garden without opening the whole bi-folding door up.

High Security Locking System
Our folding sliding doors are fitted with the latest high security locking. On styles supplied with a traffic door, lever handles operate a high security hook-bolt locking system and a profile key cylinder allowing access from both inside and outside. Bi-fold doors supplied without a traffic door do not have external access and can only be opened from the inside by operating the shoot bolt locking system, using the handles fitted to the meeting stiles of the door

Visofold-1 Visofold-2 Visofold-3 Visofold-4 Visofold-5 Visofold-6 Visofold-7 Visofold-81 Visofold-11

Click the link below to see the different door set-ups you can have

Allstyle brochure

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